Protect Your Home. Conserve Water. Save Money


How It Works


Tie-wrap HydraGuard

to a pipe in your home

A plumber can install Trident or Poseidon in 20 minutes


Use the Android or iOS App to connect your devices to your home WiFi


Learn how you use water
Get alerts on your phone

Shut off your water remotely

Smart Water Solutions

What Smart Water Can Do For You

Stop Water Leaks & High Water Use

Get alerted when you get a water leak or are using large amounts of water. Shut off your water remotely before damage occurs.

Stop Freezing Pipes Before They Burst

Get alerted when you have a freezing pipebefore it can burst and gush water. Turn up the heat or shut off your water remotely.

Understand How You Use Water

Set goals towards reducing your monthly water consumption.

Get personal feedback on your water use.

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